Dental Fillings: Restoring Your Teeth and Preventing Decay

Dental fillings are an effective treatment for teeth damaged by decay. During the procedure, the decayed area is removed, the tooth is cleaned, and the filling is placed. This seals the area, preventing further decay and restoring the tooth to its original form and function. The process is straightforward and helps to avoid pain and potential tooth loss.

Typically, the procedure is not painful and should cause no discomfort. Some people may experience sensitivity in their teeth afterward, which can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication. This sensitivity should disappear within a few days.

For those in need of dental fillings, our practice provides a reliable solution to maintain your oral health and restore the function of your teeth.

The Reason for Tooth Fillings

Tooth decay is often a result of inadequate oral hygiene practices, but it can also occur due to the position of teeth in the mouth or an insufficient diet. Regular dental check-ups are essential to identify any cavities early. It is important to visit your Holden MA dentist for an official diagnosis to address and treat tooth decay promptly.