Dental Fillings

Dental fillings effectively treat teeth that have been damaged by decay. First, the decayed area is removed, then the tooth is cleaned before the filling is placed. The filling seals the area, preventing further decay, and restores the tooth to its original form and function. The procedure is straightforward and can help avoid pain and tooth loss.

The procedure is not typically painful and should cause no discomfort. However, some people may experience sensitivity in their teeth afterward which can be relieved with pain medication you can purchase without a prescription. The sensitivity should disappear in a few days.

The Reason for Tooth Fillings

Tooth decay is a consequence of inadequate oral hygiene practices. It can also occur when teeth are in certain places in the mouth or when the diet is insufficient to protect the teeth.

A dental check up can help to identify any cavities. It is important to visit your dentist to receive an official diagnosis.