Digital Dental X-Rays

Advantages in dental technology continually enhance the general safety and comfort of patients. Recent innovations in digital imaging improve the patient experience by offering a more convenient and safe alternative to conventional x-rays.

Our dental office is proud to offer cutting-edge dental technology that includes the extra convenience afforded by the use of digital x-rays.

Digital dental x-rays offer:

  • The latest dental technology
  • Added safety
  • Extra convenience

Improved Safety

Your dentist prioritizes the health, safety, and comfort of each and every patient. Although conventional dental x-rays involve low risk and the emission of low amounts of radiation, digital x-rays lower levels even further. In fact, digital x-rays emit as much as 90% less output of radiation than the currently low levels emitted by traditional x-rays.

Although the effects of this lower risk may not be evident to all of our patients, those who frequently require imaging can take comfort that their levels of fixed radiation exposure have been dramatically reduced through the use of digital x-rays.

Environmentally conscious patients will also appreciate the fact that using digital x-rays lowers the impact upon our shared environment by reducing the radiation waste that is normally caused by traditional film and development.

Added Convenience

If you are getting traditional dental x-rays, you will need to wait for the development of the film. Digital x-rays are a great improvement, as the images that they create are instantly accessible. So there is little delay between when the images were taken and when they become available. The result is a faster evaluation of your teeth, mouth and gums.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends upon what type of x-ray you require. For example, intraoral x-rays are used for within the mouth, and extraoral x-rays are taken outside of the mouth.

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