Placement The Best Dental Clinic in Holden for Implants

When a tooth is lost, jawbone loss naturally occurs. This compromises the integrity of neighboring tooth roots and tooth stability and is also a large part of what causes the sunken look on people’s mouths who have lost several or all of their teeth. For this reason, patients who wear dentures find their dentures harder and harder to wear in place over time.

That is why we provide patients with premier dental implant services! We understand that having a beautiful smile and the confidence that comes with it is important, but we must also highlight the critical health reasons for having dental implants fitted. Whether it’s replacing one tooth or several, implants are important to restoring and maintaining dental health.

Dental Implants in Holden MA

Our team of experts works with high-quality implants that simulate natural teeth look, feel, and function. We understand the importance of maintaining dental health and appearance and are committed to delivering the best possible results.

Our dental implants consist of small anchors made of titanium, a biocompatible metal placed in the jawbone to replace tooth roots. Once placed by the dentist, these anchors fuse with the bone over a few months, providing a stable and long-lasting solution.

They can also help generate bone growth in the area around the implant, strengthen the bone and builds support, and alleviate the sunken look. This is called osseointegration and is a significant benefit of implant placement since it can also help prevent future bone loss.

Our dental team will provide the best possible care and treatment. We collaborate with patients every step to ensure you receive the high-quality dental implant services you deserve.
Thank you for choosing Holden Dental Arts. We are excited to restore your dental health and confidence.