Intraoral Camera

Your dentist always wants to make sure that they are on top of the latest developments in dental technology. One of the main ways that technology helps is by letting them examine your mouth in a highly detailed way. An intraoral camera resembles a large pen that contains a camera that can take high-quality video or images of your mouth. The results can be viewed in real time on a computer monitor.

Intraoral Camera Benefits

  • Creates highly detailed images
  • Allows for a more accurate diagnosis
  • Creates images more rapidly
  • Images available instantly on computer monitor

Amazing Features

The amazing technological features that come with intraoral cameras include LED lighting, a rotating head, and powerful magnification ability, which allows your dentist to inspect your mouth in incredible detail. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis of your condition.

The images created by the intraoral camera can be attached to your health records so that it is easier to track any changes. Also, since the images created by the intraoral camera appear in real time on a computer monitor in front of you, your dentist can discuss your situation with you while you are both viewing the footage or images.

Enhance Patient Experience

Each of the intraoral camera features that benefit your dentist also benefit you, possibly even more. Your dentist has a solid comprehension of the conditions and symptoms, but it can be hard to precisely explain what is going on in your mouth with nothing but a mouth mirror. Even x-rays can take time to develop and not display clear images.

With an intraoral camera, you are seeing exactly what your dentist is seeing, in real time. The computer monitor will display clear images, which allow your dentist to point out areas of interest and discuss them with you right away.

Helps With Insurance Claims

If you need insurance coverage for a particular dental procedure, your insurer may require visual proof of your dental condition. Those same high-resolution images visible on the computer monitor will let your insurance provider know exactly what is going on in your mouth, bolstering your insurance claim.

And since intraoral camera images are so quickly available, a good deal of time is saved for you, your insurance provider, and your dentist, helping your treatment go that much more smoothly.