Root Canal Therapy

Commonly known as a “root canal,” the procedure becomes necessary when a severe infection infiltrates the roots of a tooth, containing the nerve supply and many blood vessels.

When infection occurs here, pressure builds up and causes severe pain, and the infection can lead to complications. Therefore, a root canal will relieve your pain as well as save your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment: What To Expect

If you are getting a root canal, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. They will use files to access the inner parts of the tooth and clear out the root canals of the infected pulp. Associated debris and bacteria will also be removed.

The length of time that a root canal takes depends upon the specific requirements for your individual case.

Is getting a root canal painful?

Patients normally experience a root canal procedure as being no more uncomfortable than getting a dental filling. In fact, the procedure will relieve your pain by removing its source.